Lose12lbs of Fat in 12 Weeks!

With as Little as 3 Workouts a week

With Our VSC Fitness Class You can expect to…

  • Build the Body You’ve Always Wanted
  • Get in the Best Shape of Your Life
  • Look and Feel Younger
  • Build Your Strength
  • Improve Your Cardio & Flexibility
  • Learn the Habits Needed to Live a Healthy Active Lifestyle
  • Be a Valued Member of the VSC Community

Each day that you come in for a class, there will be a workout of the day posted that you will be coached through by one of our highly qualified coach. These classes allow you to accelerate your fitness level at a pace you wouldn’t be able to do on your own.

Our classes are a mixture of Strength & Conditioning, Olympic Lifting and Bodyweight Movements done in a fun and encouraging environment with a community of like minded people! All daily workouts are easily modifiable to accommodate all kinds of different fitness and ability levels.